Delivery Notification Process Options

  • Option #1: Geo-fence cluster/community mailbox address
  • Option #2: Barcode or QR code is affixed to cluster/community mailbox.
  • GPS or scanner notification.
  • Central Post Office database notified.
  • Customers associated with cluster/community mailbox are notified via smart phone, mobile device, in-home mailbox, etc. 
  • Postal agencies are able to leverage their existing. infrastructure (e.g., scanners, networks, mobile/computer apps, etc.).

      Supported notification scenarios:

  • Cluster/community mailbox - notification via internet.
  • Cluster/community mailbox - notification via Radio Frequency (RF) to in-home digital mailbox.
  • P.O. Box - notification by either method above.
  • Communications networks include: WLAN (internet) 2G, 3G, 4G cellular, wireless router (WR), and the like. 

Real-Time Notification 


Juray Enterprises, LLC

Advertising Applications with Solution

  • Real-time delivery notification with ad/coupon upon receiving real-time notification (mobile or in-home digital mailbox).
  • Real-time notification with targeted ads/coupons upon receiving notification (mobile or in-home digital mailbox) - buyer behavior targeted ads delivered downstream from online retailer (e.g., direct to real-time notification customer receiving package.
  • Real-time notification with bulk direct mail ads delivered to mobile or in-home digital mailbox.
  • The recipient will hear and/or see the real-time delivery notification prompting them to view their postal application. Upon clicking the notification customer first views accompanying digital ads/coupons sent with the real-time notification and then the delivery message. 
  • Advertisers receive at least 2x's ad impressions by complimenting their hard copy ads/coupons with digital versions delivered at the same time. Type your paragraph here.