Postal Notification Overview Presentation

This presentation provides a high-level overview of the postal notification solution and the associated benefits to postal services and their customers.


Bulk Mail Advertising Solution

Direct Mail Advertising just got better!  Now you can compliment regular hard copy ads/coupons with a digital version and with our delivery notification system you are virtually ensured the ads/coupons will be seen - doubling the number of ad impressions you normally would get.

U.S. Patent (link to US Patent)

No:  US 8,643,511 B1

Postal Notification Infographic

Get a quick snapshot of the key benefits to utilizing our postal notification system in one easy to understand page.

Message receiving options

  • Mobile devices (e.g., smartphone, table, etc.).
  • Home computer or laptop with internet connection.
  • In-home mailbox receiver.

About Us

The Juray Enterprises, LLC postal notification system was an idea that came from real-world experience.  Bob Batterson (inventor) lived in a large neighborhood community which utilized cluster mailbox units (CBUs).  For Bob and most of his neighbors the CBUs were not within eyesight which required individuals to check mail based on when they anticipated delivery.  In many cases the mail would not have been delivered, thus requiring a later trip back to the CBU. 

After experiencing and witnessing others making needless trips to the CBU when the mail had yet to be delivered, Bob had the idea to create a notification system to alleviate those needless trips to the CBU.  Thus, Juray Enterprises, LLC was born.  

The Solution

Juray Enterprises, LLC

a system and method for remote mail delivery


You've Got Mail!


Introducing a new innovative patent that enables real-time delivery notification for cluster mailbox units (CBU) leveraging postal service handheld scanners to contact the postal data center (i.e., database).  The data center then sends real-time notification ("You've Got Mail!") plus optional targeted advertising to recipients associated with the barcoded CBU.  This patent is entirely new technology.


  • Real-time mail delivery notifications for recipients.
  • Capability to transmit digital advertising to recipients.

Multi-Channel Advertisement/Coupon Delivery

Direct mail (hard copy) + Digital version

Multi-Mode Transmit & Receive

Method #1

  • Transmit: Internet
  • Receive: Smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer

Method #2

  • Transmit: Pre-determined Radio Frequency or 3G/4G radio access for cellular and others
  • Receive: In-home mailbox receiver configured to receive pre-determined frequency w/audio or visual alert & reset button

Additional Benefits include:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost savings
  • NEW incremental revenue sources
  • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure for quick & low cost implementation
  • Provides greater security
  • Environmentally friendly  and sustainable