US Postal Service gets whacked with a $656 million loss as it struggles to keep up with Amazon


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In the ever Expanding Digital World today, the need for worldwide postal services to be competitive is imperative


Postal services around the world are facing ever increasing pressure from the digital revolution.  Faced with rapidly declining mail delivery rates, postal services world-wide are scrambling to find new sources of revenue and in the process redefining their operating models.

One of the first steps most postal services have undertaken is to consolidate operations as a means to reduce costs.  This is taking place from central delivery points all the way to the final door delivery.  By moving to centralized mailboxes (e.g., cluster mailbox units - CBUs, community mailboxes, etc.) postal services are realizing 2x - 3x cost savings per year for customer delivery potentially resulting in billions saved per year.

Juray Enterprises, LLC provides a solution that compliments the move to mailbox consolidation that not only assists with the cost savings, but more importantly provides customer satisfaction and incremental revenue opportunities for postal services. 

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